Sound Credit's Mission

Our mission is to champion creator's rights across diverse creative industries by safeguarding their long-term interests and revolutionizing their supply chains. We harness the power of metadata, cultivate innovation, and deliver cohesive, data-driven experiences that inspire and empower creators, organizations, and consumers alike in their respective fields.

Our story

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In Sound Credits 4-year history, it has proven the model for the future of music credits and attribution, while unifying the individuals who have worked in this area over the past 3 decades.


RIN-M Plugin Takes Center Stage

In a plot twist worthy of a standing ovation, the RIN-M plugin release unexpectedly went viral, topping the charts as the most buzzworthy music software debut in music history. With the spotlight now on Soundways, Inc., the company swiftly donned a new persona as Sound Credit and embraced its starring role in the music credits and attribution scene. As an integral part of the performance, it had the distinction of being the first to incorporate the DDEX RIN standard into publicly available software.


A New Act - Sound Credit Desktop App

The Sound Credit desktop app took center stage as the company's first post-pivot move, offering a practical solution for music credits. A slew of new features was introduced, propelling the app far beyond its plug-in origins.


Breaking Boundaries - First Delivery to a Major Label

Sound Credit made history as the first company to deliver a DDEX RIN file directly from the production process to a major label. This achievement was hailed as the crowning moment for the music credits movement.


Curtain Call for Major Platform Developments

Sound Credit 3 unveiled a series of showstopping innovations, including the world's first automated ISNI registration system, over 20 export options for record label formats, a mobile app launch, and a dramatic expansion of cloud functionality.



In a bold move, Sound Credit recruited the majority of active production managers in the United States and started offering services to all major labels and several top indie labels, further solidifying its position in the industry.


Reforming the Stage - Sound Credit's Re-Platforming

In 2022, Sound Credit embarked on a transformative re-platforming journey. With meticulous planning and execution, the company reconstructed its infrastructure, aiming to enhance performance and lay the foundation for future innovations. This strategic initiative showcased Sound Credit's commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an exceptional user experience.


The show hits the road:  A Breakthrough IN file sharing and ephemeral streaming

In 2023, Sound Credit continued its journey of innovation, focusing on streamlining file sharing for music professionals. The platform introduced a revolutionary music-industry specific file sharing platform, providing users with a seamless and efficient way to share their music projects. Alongside this is a powerful new ephemeral streaming service allowing pre-release insights to be gathered. With streamlined file sharing capabilities, Sound Credit enabled music professionals to work together seamlessly, unlocking new levels of productivity and collaboration.

Our Team

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Sound Credit

The music industry supply chain is massively inefficient — we are revolutionizing it for creators and humanity.

What drives Sound Credit?

Best tech practices from leading minds, focused development, and big vision.

the human element

We conducted over 5,000 hours of formal discovery with real people at every level of the industry as we wrote the 4 million lines of code that run the platform.

user base

Sound Credit started in 2017 with the most viral music software release in history, meaning every decision has been informed by users in over 60 countries.


Sound Credit's leading group of investors has enabled advice and guidance from Fortune 500 companies and Forbes 400 individuals from Silicon Valley to London for best-practices and unique positioning.


Every detail of Sound Credit is designed to solve a problem understood from formal discovery. Value is baked in to every feature, refined over years from consistent usage and feedback.


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